Field Training

Realistic Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Training

Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf


The Nuclear Power Plant as a dry dock: Zwentendorf provides unequalled training opportunities for first responders to prepare for nuclear emergencies.

NPP Zwentendorf offers several accessible areas that could be entered at operational Nuclear Power Plants only under considerable safety precautions, due to high radiation levels.

CBRN Protection offers training courses in the field of response to nuclear emergencies, allowing course participants to be trained at this unique nuclear power plant, having safe access to essential areas of the NPP.




Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Our experts have extensive experience in delivering nuclear emergency preparedness and consequence management training courses in the inner exclusion zone of Chernobyl. The inner exclusion zone is the high-radiation region within a 10 km radius of the plant from which the population was to be evacuated and permanently forbidden reentry.

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